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Application Requirements and Procedures

I. Requirements

Students category


Admission requirements

Short-term Program

1700 per ten days

3000 per Month

(500 for per week added)

People who have a good health, without the age limit,

could join the study of 18 weeks at any moment.

Relevant matters are negotiable for groups of more

than 5 people.

Long-term Program

Senior Course

6500 per six month

As a minimum, applicants should have master’s degree

or the professional title of instructor and are going to

study on certain subjects.

Regular Course

6500 per six month

As a minimum, applicants should have senior high

school diploma and good health with the age limit

from 15-60 years.

College certificate program

on Chinese as a foreign language


As a minimum, applicants should have senior high

school diploma and good health with the age limit

from 18-30 years.

Bachelor degree program

15000 per academic year

As a minimum, applicants should have senior high

school diploma and excellent records with the age

limit from 18-25 years.

Master’s Degree Program

21000 per academic year

Applicants should have Bachelor degree and

professors’ recommendations with the age limit of

40 years or younger. The eligible applicants are

admitted to the university by exam.

Ph. D Program

30000 per academic year

Applicants should have Master’s degree or certificate

and professors’ recommendations with the age limit

of 45 years or younger. The eligible applicants are

admitted to the university by exam.

II. Procedures

1. All qualified applicants should fill in HUST Application Form for International Students

2. Application form affixed with two photos, certificates of education, transcript of record and six latest photos (35mmX50mm) should be sent to Foreign Affairs Office at HUST. Applicants should also pay 260 Yuan for registration fee at the same time.

3. After receiving the application above, the University will send an Admission Notice, along with Form JW202 for visa application, to student who is accepted

4. Applicants overseas with Admission Notice, Form JW202, Passport and Foreigner Physical Health Record could apply for X visa (for who plans to study at least one year) in China embassies or consulates. The students could apply for F visa which is valid for 180 days for half a year study.

5. According to related regulations of the Sanitation and Quarantine Law of China, foreign students should provide foreign physical health record, while the students who apply F visa don’t need to provide it.

6.Entrance time: The term begins on March 1 and September 1 each year, and the students for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph. D programs start school on September 1. Foreign students should register on time.

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