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Expense in Harbin University of Science and Technology

I. Registration Fee: 260 Yuan

II. Accommodation

Southern campus: Single room: 35 Yuan each day; Double room: 20 Yuan each day;

Western campus: Single room: 40 Yuan each day; Double room: 25 Yuan each day

1. Internet access,air conditioner,TV, telephone, refrigerator, washing machine, bathroom and shower are provided for each room at Southern Campus.

2. The rooms with complete facilities in a 4-star hotel of the University are provided for foreign students at Western campus. There are big supermarkets, big hospitals and big bookstores around the apartment. The downtown is accessible by many buses, and it is very convenient to shop there.

3. All expenses should be paid one week before the start of the term. Without special reasons, the expenses are not refundable for the students who drop out of the programs or transfer to another university. 

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